This service is used for clients that have a top priority and need candidate exclusivity throughout their process. This plan is most beneficial for our client it’s a sensitive case in which confidentiality is paramount or if they need to hire extremely quick. Confidentiality is better controlled by our clients when fewer search firms are involved. In this service relationship the client is guaranteed candidate exclusivity until they release the candidate from their process, and in this very tight, candidate driven market, this option is paramount in most scenarios.


This service is used for clients that also have a top priority and prefer dedicating the search to one firm and receiving candidate exclusivity during their search process which is critical in this very tight, candidate driven market. The primary difference between this service and our retained service is the deposit upfront is refundable if the candidate is not hired within the agreed upon time frame.


This service is common and typically used for our new client relationships that do not have experience working with our firm and for those clients that prefer using multiple recruiting firms.

Interim or Contract

For our clients that need to hire staff on a temporary basis. We offer the option to convert any temporary professional to full-time, after a set amount of time. Until that point, we have designed a special program to accommodate the needs of our clients in this scenario.

Project/Fixed Price

Our outsourcing services include, but not limited to: application development, security, AI, mobile apps, helpdesk/call center, website development, RPO/Recruiter on premises, testing/Q&A.